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Social Isolation related to Low Self-esteem

Social isolation related to low self-esteem

  • Clients can build a trusting relationship.
  • Clients can positively identify the capabilities they have.
  • Clients can assess the capability of being used.
  • Clients can (set) to plan activities in accordance with the capabilities.
  • Clients can perform activities according to the condition of pain and ability.
  • Clients can take advantage of existing support systems.

Nursing Interventions:
  • Construct a trusting relationship with therapeutic communication:
    • Therapeutic greet.
    • Introduce yourself.
    • Explain the purpose of interaction.
    • Create a calm environment.
    • Create a clear contract.
    • Stay on time.
  • Discuss the capability and the positive aspects of the client owned.
  • Every meeting with clients avoid from giving negative ratings.
  • Polar realistic praise.
  • Discuss with the client the ability to still be used for ill.
  • Discuss with the client capabilities that can be shown to the user.
  • Plan activities with clients who may be continued every day according to ability:
    • Work independently.
    • Activities that require total assistance.
  • Increase activity in accordance with the tolerance of the client's condition.
  • Give examples of how implementation of the activities that the client did.
  • Give the client a chance to try activities that are planned
  • Give credit for the success of the client.
  • Discuss the possible implementation of the home.
  • Give health education to families about how to treat clients with dignity help families provide support for clients cared for, help prepare the family home environment.