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Pulmonary Tuberculosis (TB) - 3 Nursing Diagnosis, Interventions and Rational

Nursing Diagnosis for Plan Tuberculosis (TB) : Ineffective airway clearance related to the accumulation of purulent secretions in the airway.

Goal: Airway clearance back effectively.

Nursing Interventions:
  • Assess respiratory function, for example; breath sounds, speed and rhythm.
  • Give the patient semi-Fowler's position or high Fowler effectively assist the patient to cough and deep breathing exercises.
  • Maintain fluid intake at least 2500 ml / day, except, contra indications.
  • Collaboration for the administration of drugs according to indications, mucolytic drugs.

  • Decreased breath sounds may indicate atelectasis, crackles, wheezing showed accumulation of secretions inability to clean the airway.
  • The position helps maximize lung expansion and lower respiratory effort.
  • High input of fluids helps to thin the secretions, making it easily removed.
  • Mucolytic agents decrease the viscosity and adhesion of lung secretions for easy cleaning.

Nursing Diagnosis for Plan Tuberculosis (TB) : Imbalanced Nutrition Less than Body Requirements related to the production of sputum, anorexia.

Goal: Demonstrate increased weight.

Nursing Interventions:
  • Record the patient's nutritional status, record of skin turgor, weight and degree of underweight, ability / inability to swallow, a history of nausea-vomiting.
  • Supervise the input or output and weight periodically.
  • Provide oral care before and after the act of breathing.
  • Encourage eating little and often with foods high in calories and high in protein.
  • Collaboration with a nutritionist to determine the composition of the diet.

  • Useful in defining the degree / problems in determining appropriate intervention options.
  • Useful in measuring the effectiveness of nutrition and fluid support.
  • Lowering bad taste because the rest of the sputum or leftover medicines.
  • Maximize nutrient inputs as energy needs and decrease gastric irritation.
  • Provide assistance in planning a diet with adequate nutrients for metabolic and dietary needs.

Nursing Diagnosis for Plan Tuberculosis (TB) : Knowledge Deficit: on the conditions, rules of action and displacement.

Goal: To declare understanding of disease processes / prognosis and treatment needs.

Nursing Interventions:
  • Assess the patient's ability to learn. Example: the problem of weakness, the level of participation and the best environment.
  • Emphasize the importance of maintaining a high protein and carbohydrate diet and adequate fluid intake.
  • Explain the drug dose, frequency, expected work and long treatment reasons
  • Emphasize to not drink alcohol and do not smoke.
  • Learning depends on the emotional and physical readiness improved in individual stages.
  • Meet the metabolic needs, help minimize the weaknesses and improve healing.
  • Increase cooperation in the treatment program and prevent withdrawal of the drug.