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Ineffective Tissue Perfusion of Hemophilia

Nursing Diagnosis: Ineffective Tissue Perfusion related to active bleeding
characterized by decreased consciousness, bleeding.

Objectives / Expected outcomes: There was no impairment of consciousness, good capillary refill, bleeding can be resolved

Nursing Interventions

  1. Assess the cause of bleeding
  2. Assess skin color, hematoma, cyanosis
  3. Collaboration in the provision of adequate IVFD
  4. Collaboration in the provision of blood transfusion.

  1. By knowing the cause of bleeding it will assist in determining appropriate interventions for patients
  2. Provide information about the degree / adequacy of tissue perfusion and assist in determining appropriate intervention
  3. Maintain fluid and electrolyte balance and maximize contractility / cardiac output so that the circulation becomes inadequate
  4. Repair / menormalakan red blood cell count and enhance oxygen-carrying capacity to be adequate tissue perfusion.
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