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Risk for Injury of Hemophilia

Nursing Diagnosis : Risk for Injury related to weakness of the defense secondary to hemophilia
characterized by frequent injuries

Objectives / Expected outcomes: injury and complications can be avoided / did not happen.

Nursing Interventions

  1. Maintain security of client's bed, put a safety on the bed
  2. Avoid injury, light - weight
  3. Keep an eye on every move that allows the occurrence of injury
  4. Encourage the parents to bring children to the hospital immediately in case of injury
  5. Explain to parents the importance of avoiding injury.

  1. Fragile tissue and impaired clotting mechanisms boost the risk of bleeding despite the injury / mild trauma
  2. Patients with hemophilia are at risk of spontaneous bleeding was controlled so that the required monitoring every move that allows the occurrence of injury
  3. Early identification and treatment can limit the severity of complications
  4. Parents can find out mamfaat of injury prevention / risk of bleeding and avoid injury and complications.
  5. Lower the risk of injury / trauma.
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