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Acute Pain of Leukemia

Nursing Diagnosis for Leukemia - Acute pain 

related to an agent of physical injury

Purpose: pain is resolved

Expected outcomes:
  • The patient stated the pain disappeared or controlled
  • Shows the behavior of pain management
  • Looks relaxed and able to rest, sleep
Nursing Intervention for Leukemia :
  • Assess complaints of pain, notice changes in the degree of pain (using a scale of 0-10)
  • Monitor vital signs, note the non-verbal clues such as muscle tension, anxiety
  • Provide quiet environment and reduce stressful stimuli.
  • Place the client in a comfortable position and prop joints, extremities with pillows.
  • Change the position of periodic and soft assistive range of motion exercises.
  • Provide comfort measures (massage, cold compresses and psychological support)
  • The review / enhance client comfort interventions
  • Evaluate and support the client's coping mechanisms
  • Encourage the use of pain management techniques. Example: relaxation exercises / breathing in, touch.
  • Auxiliary therapeutic activity, relaxation techniques.
  • Collaboration: Monitor levels of uric acid, give the medication as indicated.
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