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Nursing Assessment for Obesity

Nursing Care Plan for Obesity

Nursing Care Plan for Obesity

Nursing Assessment for Obesity

Physical Examination

1. Activity / Rest
- Weakness, drowsiness trended
- Inability / lack of desire to be active or exercise regularly
- Dyspnea with work
- Increased heart rate / breathing with activity

2. circulation
- History of cultural factors / lifestyle affects food choices
- Weight loss can / can not be accepted as a problem
- Eating may relieve feelings of pleasure, such as loneliness, frustration, boredom
- Prisoners of the closest people to lose weight

3. Food / fluid
- Digesting food with excess / normal
- Experiment with different types of diet with little results
- History repeated and decreased weight gain
- Weight loss is not right with height
- Endormofik body type (soft / about)
- Failed to determine the input of food to reduce demand (eg, changes in lifestyle from active to not exercise, aging)

4. Pain / Comfort
Symptoms: Pain / discomfort in the joints that support weight loss or spine

5. Breathing
Symptoms: Dyspnea
Signs: cyanosis, respiratory distress

6. Sexuality
Symptoms: menstrual disorders, amenorrhea

7. Education / learning
- Problems can be either lifetime or in connection with life events
- Family history of obesity
- Health problems that accompany diabetes, including hypertension, gallbladder disease and cardiovascular disease, hypothyroidism.

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