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Nursing Care Plan for Impetigo - Impaired Skin Integrity

Nursing Care Plan for Impetigo - Impaired Skin Integrity

Nursing Care Plan for Impetigo - Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions : Impaired Skin Integrity

Nursing Diagnosis: Impaired Skin Integrity related to lesions and mechanical injury (scratching the itchy skin)

Expected outcomes are:
  • A good skin integrity can be maintained (sensation, elasticity, temperature)
  • No injuries or lesions on the skin.
  • Able to protect skin and keep skin moist and natural treatments.
  • Good tissue perfusion.

Nursing Interventions:

1. Instruct the patient to use, loose clothing.
Rational: a loose shirt, shirt will reduce friction on the skin lesions.

2. Cut nails and keep the client's hand hygiene.
Rational: the nail that will reduce the short and avoid scratching the impetigo lesion severity.

3. Keep clean skin, to keep them clean and dry.
Rational: the skin clean and dry, will reduce the spread or proliferation of bacteria.

4. Monitor skin color, the existence of redness.
Rational: to know the progression of the disease and the effectiveness of actions taken.

5. Bathe the patient with warm water and soap (antiseptic).
R: warm water will kill bacteria and reduce the rash. Anti-septic soap can reduce or kill the bacteria on the skin.

6. Collaboration for the administration of topical antibiotics on the client.
Rational: topical antibiotic may discontinue or inhibit the growth of bacteria.

7. Give the knowledge of the client not to scratch the wound.
Rational: the knowledge of patients on the treatment process can accelerate the success of the nursing process.