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Nursing Interventions for Hepatitis B

Nursing Interventions for Hepatitis B

Setting energy use to treat or prevent fatigue and optimize function. Regular physical exercise to maintain fitness and health.

Anxiety reduction and minimize anxiety, fear or anxiety associated with unknown source or anticipated danger.

Teaching people about the disease, diagnosis and treatment. Facilitation of Learning: Promoting the ability to process and understand information. Increased Readiness Learning: Improving the ability and willingness to receive information.

Infection Protection: Prevention and early detection of infection in patients at risk. Infection Control, Minimizing the acquisition and transmission of infectious agents. Supervision: purposeful and ongoing acquisition.

Surveillance and safety. purposeful and ongoing collection and analysis of information about the client and the environment to be used in promoting and maintaining client safety. Analysis of potential risk factors, determining the health risk, risk reduction strategies and priorities for an individual or group.