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Urinary Incontinence related to Pelvic Muscle Degenerative

Nursing Diagnosis: Urinary incontinence related to pelvic muscle degenerative

  • Showed urinary continence.
  • Adequacy of time to reach a small room between urgency and urinary output.
  • Underwear stays dry all day
  • Able to urinate on their own.
Expected outcomes are:
  • Urinary continence. Maintain the frequency of urination over 2 hours.

Nursing Interventions Urinary Incontinence:
  • Perform pelvic floor muscle exercises
  • Perform treatment of urinary incontinence
  • Identification of the multifactorial causes of incontinence
  • Muscle strengthening volunteer pubotogsigeal with repeated contractions.
  • To improve urinary continence and to maintain intregitas perineal skin.
  • To find out the cause of urinary incontinence.